Visual Impressions

    In spite of a few blurred photos, (our Canon Ixus 300 couldn’t quite keep up with the dogs), we hope that we have given you a good idea of our daily life with our dogs and Akira’s growing-up from her birth to the year 2001.

Akira from her birth to 2001

    All the pictures were taken with a 35mm camera and then scanned.

Akira from 2001 to the present

    Regularly updated.

The first litter

    These pictures were taken by our miniature camera, which had become a little old.

The second litter

    Finally, after we had acquired a digital camera, we took photos on every possible (and some impossible) occasion. We managed to take nearly 700 pictures, but only a small number of them can be shown here.

All our whelps

    Very often the owners of ‘our’ puppies send us their regards. This is a compilation of their finest pictures.

Ares von der Finne

    More than a year after his birth, Ares has grown up to a really great guy. These pictures were taken during Summer 2002.

Arved von der Dorenburg

     The owner of Akira`s father gave us some of her lovely pictures and told us a nice story (in German only), which we wanted to share with you.