Welcome to our website!

    We would like to share the pleasure we take in and the love we have for our Eurasian, AKIRA, whom we have had for some years and who enriches our lives. Her companionship is both exciting and fulfilling and, above all, never boring.

    On our site you will find information about and pictures of our dogs and our home. For more detailed information about the origin and history of the Eurasian breed we have provided a LINKS page which will direct you to several specialist sites.

     We would like to try to convey the meaning of the name of our ‘kennel’ to which end we have arranged a special section with things of interest - THE FINNE. Browse a little and get to know our country.

    We also would like to get to know our visitors so please don’t hesitate to press the CONTACT button and leave a message. Tell us about yourselves!

    Enjoy your visit!

            Marion Friedrich and Bernd Siebeck