The Finne - a landscape straight from a picture postcard

    We have lived in this beautiful region all our lives. It never loses its attraction and we were keen to reflect something of the area in the name of our ‘Kennel’. To provide you, the site visitor, with as much information as possible we have done some research on the area and have provided photographs (including some aerial views) of some of the surroundings.

    We hope this section of the website will pique your interest enough for you to come and see our wonderful countryside for yourself.

    Our thanks to all the people who helped us with this project.

    Due to the huge amount of data we have gathered we haven’t yet been able to translate it all but hope to catch-up in the near future. Until then you can view the hiking map and the aerial view. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Geographical and historical background

    Our intention is to illustrate the geographical location and characteristics of the Finne region.

We would like to express out thanks to retired Chief Forrester, Mr. Heinz Becker for sharing his knowledge and support, to the Department LRA Soemmerda for Economic Development which made a great deal of useful information available and especially to Forest Warden, Mrs. Silke Becker for her specialised knowledge and help in choosing suitable subjects.


    The walk through the Finne was published as an extract from the map of walks by the Thuringian Land Surveyor`s office in 1998 with kind permission of the TLVermA in Erfurt.

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Interesting things

    The pictures show a bird’s eye view of the Finne compiled from aerial photos of our hometown, Rastenberg and it’s surroundings. Kind permission to use these pictures came from Geospace Gesellschaft für digitale Luftbilddaten und –systeme mbH, Köln (Geospace Company for Digital Aerial Specifications and Systems Ltd., Cologne).

    These photos will also open in a separate window.

    Our special thanks go to Mrs Sonja Liesche for her understanding in handling our questions.