It was very difficult for us to disperse both of Akira’s two litters. As we had decided that she would carry just the two we thought that we should keep one pup from her ‘B’ litter.


    Hence Briska, our second Eurasian. We were immediately captivated by her lively and cheerful nature. As soon as she could run, she romped, jumped and played in and around our legs tirelessly. Her friendly playfulness ensured that she became a favourite of both family and friends.

    Not long after Briska’s birth it became apparent that she would have a fair cast to her coat. At this time, having become quite expert in Eurasians, we were delighted because the lighter tones emphasise the overall shade of the fur, thus enhancing her appearance.

    We watched Akira, growing up, her coat turned from a dun and reddish-brown colour to light charcoal. At five weeks old, Akira’s litter were introduced to her ‘dog school’. She taught them the hierarchical system which pack animals depend on for social order.


    Sadly we were only able to watch the first litter growing up for eight weeks before they were sent to their new owners, so we are pleased to be able to enjoy Akira and Briska's ongoing interaction .

    While, of course, one dog makes more work than no dogs, two do not necessarily make twice the work of one, so we are content to look forward to an ‘eight leg’ future where we will be able to share our experiences and adventures with our visitors.