Our Breeding - Part Two

     Due to the excellent vitality and health of the first litter we were approached, the following year, with regard to a second mating for Akira. Unfortunately, Akira didn’t come in to heat when due and we wondered if she was sparing us, and herself, the strain so soon after her first litter.

    In August she came into heat and we made a date for her to be covered. We had considered two dogs this time; one in Klausdorf, near the Baltic and another in Erfurt.
On the 11th August 2002 we drove to Erfurt where, after minimal preliminaries, Akira was covered. It was a shorter trip than we had made to Stadtallendorf the year before.

    Akira and her mistress waited calmly for the outcome. Some restlessness was apparent when, on the 63rd day, no symptoms of impending birth were apparent. This being the expected day of the birth, the whole family had arrived to witness the event. Unfortunately they all had to leave without seeing it. Finally, on the 13th October at 11pm, after everyone had left, Akira lay down.

    The first-born was the most difficult as it was a breach presentation. After that it went very quickly. Akira gave birth to seven healthy little pups. She was a very attentive mother and gave the impression of being thankful for our help. As soon as she had licked them clean they found their way to her ‘milk bar’ with astonishing speed and alacrity. Once again we were surprised at how well animal instinct serves. Unfortunately, the time before we ave to disperse the litter is passing far too quickly. Our experience has filled us with happiness and have taken many photos which you may see by pressing IMPRESSIONS.

    We have been able to pursue this litter’s adolescence a little longer than the first and it’s been good for Briska. One can generalise and say that it was good for her to grow up with her mother and not only because of the her mother’s lessons.

    Even though we have paid very high fees to the club and are successful breeders we feel that they have treated us badly. We have therefore decided that we will not breed Akira again.

    In the end, we are extremely happy at having had the two litters and can recommend the experience to every dog owner.

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